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AquaStone™ is a textured material made from actual marble dust in an acrylic resin. It is a very creative product with multiple uses. Pseudo Italian and Southwestern walls are easy to duplicate with the material. Limestone walls, brick walls, are authentic looking with proper color wash combinations. Use on wrought iron for an old, crusty look.

AquaStone™ should be used over a dry base coat of SetCoat® or AquaSeal™ for best bonding qualities. AquaStone™ is normally troweled on for creating blocks, stone, and bricks, and stucco patterns. AquaStone™ may be colored with FauxCreme®Color or color washed using a thinned out AquaCreme™ and Color mixture.

AquaStone™ is rated both interior and exterior and has good natural UV protection. AquaStone™ may be sanded smooth with ordinary sand paper. Wear a dust mask when sanding. AquaStone™ was developed for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces including table tops. AquaStone™ may be clear coated with AquaThane™ for maximum hardness and durability.

Covers Approximately 75 - 200 sq ft per gallon

Sold in quarts and gallons.


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