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Prismatic Painting Studio is an award-winning Cincinnati, Ohio, based studio offering training and products for decorative arts and faux painting.

To every season there is an end... with new beginnings thereafter

To every season there is an end, and this letter to all of you is my official announcement that I will be moving on from Prismatic Painting Studio beginning January 1st, 2019 to new and exciting adventures in my own personal life. What they will be I do not fully know right now. For my entire career I have created art for others and now I am excited about getting to find out who I am as my own artistic self and following that journey. I will also be giving back by continuing my volunteering. I already do this at my church, at Spring Grove Cemetery as a grounds keeper, at The Aronoff theater as an usher, and at the Cincinnati Zoo as an educator on endangered species. It is also a season where I can spend more time with my family and travel with my wife, do more with my adult children, or just sit on the back porch and watch my dog rule over his domain.

I wish to thank each one of you for supporting me through a wonderful career, because without you I would not have been able to do the vocation that I have loved for 42 years. Many of you have been students as well as customers for Prismatic Painting Studio, and I have enjoyed immensely being able to share my gifts with you. Watching you become successful in a career that you love as much as I do has been such a blessing for me. The biggest gift you have given me is the gift of your friendship, as many of you have become my closest friends over these many years.

I wish all of you the greatest continued success, and to be able to continue to purchase the same quality products with the same great service you have come to expect from us at Prismatic Painting Studio. I have worked very hard to find someone that I trust, that you will be able to purchase your products from with the same degree of reliability and integrity as you have had from Shari and myself. I am pleased to announce that the new owner is someone who may already be familiar to some of you. Her name is Michelle Bergman, and she will be running Prismatic Painting Studio under its new name PRISMATIC PAINT AND PLASTER. Michelle is a 20-year professional in the field and uses the Faux Effects product line exclusively. Her contracting work is exemplary, that of a highly skilled, knowledgeable decorative painting artist that uses a wide range of the Faux Effects product line. Michelle offers these words of introduction:

Michelle BergmanWow, I have some big shoes to fill! I am humbled by Gary's kind words and will do the best that I can to live up to them. From Shari's kind heart, helpfulness and efficiency, to Gary's unmatched achievements in the industry and willingness to share his knowledge, there's a lot to do! I have looked to Gary as a mentor and a benchmark of the type of artisan I strive to be so this is a surreal opportunity for me to be taking the helm as a Faux Effects distributor and instructor.

When asked how I got started in the decorative painting field, the answer includes (like many of you) a story of experimenting with finishes in my own home, looking to find a hands-on career in the arts that better worked with a family of four children and a hardworking husband, and a desire to help others make their home beautiful and comfortable.

More than 20 years into it, I've painted everything from walls, cabinets and furniture, to murals and designs on canvas and glass. Behind the scenes, I've devoted a substantial amount of time developing new finishes, and studying with accomplished artisans from all over the country to keep up with the latest trends and Faux Effects products. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and continuing the connections you've had with Prismatic. There are lots of things in the planning stages including an open house, classes at my studio co-teaching with Gary, and getting to know all of you. Hope to talk to you soon!

Here is my contact information: The official date of transfer is January 1st, 2019, so you can continue to call Shari and Gary at (513) 931-5520 until then.
Name: Prismatic Paint and Plaster & Michelle Bergman Design Works
Address: 12951 Farmview Drive, Independence, Kentucky 41051
Phone: (859) 250-2530
Website: (coming soon)

As a final note on myself, I still plan on teaching as Michelle mentioned, at her studio, at other studios and at conventions. I still plan on doing my European art workshop tours as well. As for contracting work, I hope some of my favorite clients will still call me and I will do some smaller projects now and then for them. Once again thank you all for your kindness, and support for me over these many years.

-Gary Lord