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Trending Cabinet and Furniture Finishes

2 Day Workshop | $675
Cincinnati | April 26-27, 2018 | 9am-5pm

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Gary will teach you 14 different wood finishes for cabinets and furniture that are now selling in the market place. No matter what your level is this class will help you build a professional portfolio of todays popular finishes. This class will take you from the beginning showing you the right process to clean and prepare your surfaces to assure good adhesion and to create a smooth professional finish. Each student will be able to use a spray gun for their base coats as well as their final sealer coats, all of which is essential to help create that high quality finish. We will then discuss the tools that can be used on the job site.

The class has a wide variety of finishes from re-staining over existing surfaces, to repainting them. You will learn gilding, glazing, foiling, distressing, edging, chip offs, blending, striping. You will use bonding primers, base coats, glazes, mineral based chalk paints, metallics, extenders, blending agents, stains and more. Thirteen of the samples will be on molding pieces and the final sample you will get to do on a full size cabinet door. The class will also discuss how to prepare the room you are painting in and the order in which the job is done. Time estimates for the processes and pricing for each will be discussed in the class. Come have fun and learn the art of wood transformation and see how you can save your clients a lot of money while you earn it.

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